Pressroom Consumables - Auto Wash Cloth

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Pressroom Consumables - Auto Wash Cloth

Dry CleaningCloth

Patriot TargetsDry CleaningClothThe Patriot brand blanket and impression wash cloths are available in dry and pre-saturated rolls compatible with all automatic washing devices. The extra absorbency of the dry rolls allows for improved cleaning results, shorter wash times and lower cloth consumption. The High Performance fabric is formulated specifically for optimum results at an economical cost.


  • Compatible with UV, hybrid and conventional inks.
  • Works with all sheetfed, headset and news inks.
  • Effective on blankets & back cylinders.
  • Reduces paper lint and blanket contamination.
  • Low consumption of solvent and minimal waste
  • Competitive pricing and quick availability
  • Delivers optimum blanket cleaning performance


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PreTex Pre-Moistened

Pre-Moistened “PreTexOur sheetfed and Heatset solvent impregnated wash cloths are produced with a revolutionary new patented production process. Offered in a wide range of widths and lengths; each and every roll delivers uniform and controlled release of the cleaning solvent. The Micrometric solvent impregnation also provides consistent and reliable cleaning from beginning to end of every roll, higher yield,lower waste.


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