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Digital Media


Digital Media from SunShine Paper Inc.SunShine Paper offers an extensive range of digital media, which includes premium quality Photo Grades, High Performance and Economical Signage, Display and Outdoor Media plus a versatile line of Backlit Films and Canvas.


The SunShine Digital Media ADVANTAGE; we manufacture in a modern facility centrally located to efficiently serve all major markets. Our production includes high speed equipment which provides you and your customers excellent quality materials with both accuracy and dependability. We are a highly flexible producer as our capabilities are scaled allowing us to deliver competitively priced truckloads and yet also the flexibility to produce custom sizes without long lead times or price premiums. We love special orders and special sizes as much as the standard.


We specialize in producing what the customer needs, this saves time and money.

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Architectural Papers

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Engineering Papers

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Ink Jet

Ink Jet - PhotoInk Jet SignageInk Jet Graphics


Ink Jet FilmsInk Jet Canvas



Films and Adhesives

Films and Adhesives  - PhotoFilms and Adhesives Graphics


Films and Adhesives  FilmsFilms and Adhesives Canvas