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Instruments and Specialty Items - DigiNip®


DigiNipĀ®Digital ON PRESS Roller NIP Measuring and Setting Gauge

  • Displays Immediate Measurement of Roller Nip.
  • Dual Sensor System Indicates "Parallelism" of Roller to Roller Contact Zone.
  • Utilizes "Sensor-Strip" Technology.
  • Do "Real-Time" Roller Adjustments WHILE SENSORS are in the nip.
  • It is Not Necessary to Ink Water Rollers to Read their Stripe.
  • Significant Make-Ready & Maintenance Time Saver.
  • Suitable for use on: Any Roller-to-Roller Nip (Except Metal to Metal).
  • Accurate to +/- 5%.
  • Helps Improve Quality and Consistency
  • Saves Hours of Maintenance Time
  • Can Extend the Life of Rollers
  • Saves Money & Reduces Downtime


Poly-coated Flexible 10" Sensor StripsPoly-coated Flexible 10" Sensor Strips (2)
Replaceable and Interchangeable.
Display sounds "beep" when sensors are
properly located within nip.



Two Sensor Strips LED display ink-up rollers

Two Sensor Strips for positioning at left and right side of rollers - measure nip and parallelism of rollers. Keep sensors in place and make "real-time" adjustments rollers while sensors are reading the nip.


Easy to read LED display shows values in inch's or millimeters of left and right side of roller nip.

It is not necessary to ink-up rollers to take measurements (saves time).

Easy, Quick, Accurate


DIGI-Nip protective carrying caseDIGI-Nip protective carrying case.
System includes 2 sensor strips,
40" + coil wire connectors, digital display.
Operates on 3 AA batteries included







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