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Instruments and Specialty Items - PosiTector®


PosiTectorOn Press Packing and Blanket Thickness Gauge
Instant Reading, NO Calibration needed
Probes for Ferrous or NON-Ferrous Cylinders
Uses Magnetic Resonance, No Needles
Stainless Steel Probe & 2’ Wire
Make-Ready & Blanket Adjust Time Saver
Use on: Blankets, Aluminum or Polyester Plates


Interchangeable Probes

Solvent, Acid, Water, Oil & Dust Resistant

Includes Shock Absorbing Protective Cover

2 Year Warranty

FTS-1 Ferrous Probe

FNTS-1 Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Probe



ProbeIs suitable for use on rubber blankets aluminum, cyrel® , synthetic and polyester plates applied to a Ferrous (FTS-1) or NON-Ferrous (FNTS-1) substrate and uses the properties of the substrate material to determine the material thickness.


*Accuracies are stated as a fixed value plus a percentage
of the gage's actual reading.






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