Calibrated UnderPacking - Cleaners

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Calibrated UnderPacking - Cleaners

Anilox Roll Cleaner

Anilox Roll CleanerPatriot TargetAdvanced Formula Anilox Roll Cleaner
Patriot anilox cleaner is ideal for optimum printing results. This biodegradable cleaner lifts deeply embedded ink from chrome plated, steel engraved and laser engraved ceramic rolls. When usedregularly, Patriot Anilox cleaner restores cell volume and prevents pigment buildup in anilox cells. Nonflammable, non-combustible, no petroleum, no chlorinated solvents. Available in all popular size vessels, quarts, pails, drums and totes.


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Pressroom Cleaner

Patiot TargetAll Purpose - Everyday Use
The standard formulation that stands out above the rest, This all purpose cleaner and degreaser is specifically formulated for the offset and flexo print industry. Patriot Pressroom Cleaner is non-flammable, non-combustible and contains no petroleum products. Available in all popular size vessels, quarts, pails, drums and totes.


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XCP Pressguard

XCP Pressguard Protect Your Press, Protect Your investment
XCP PressguardXCP™ Pressguard is a ready to use corrosion protection fluid for direct & easy application on the printing press. XCP™ PressProtection products are specially formulated to protect against corrosion and maintain all the major metals found in today’s highly developed printing presses. Protect and maintain all machine parts where corrosion protection isrequired, including Printing Cylinders and Bearers, Plate Clamps and Blanket Tensioners, Roller Shafts, Side Frames, and much more.


XCP PressguardBenefits of comprehensive press maintenance include:

  • Higher Residual values
  • Improved Press Reliability
  • Reduced risks of press downtime


Exceeds OEM Press Manufacturers Cylinder Protection Guidelines Non Flammable, Low Odor, No VOC’s
Recommended by MAN Roland


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