Pressroom Consumables - Lubricants

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Pressroom Consumables - Lubricants

XCP ONE Prof. Series

XCP ONE Prof. SeriesLubricants, Degreasers, Corrosion Protectants
High Performance Multipurpose Spray
Part of the XCP™ Professional range, XCP™ ONE™ is a multipurpose spray designed for maximum performance across a wide variety of tasks and applications, in particular the penetration and release of rusted and seized parts.


Penetrates, Lubricates, Cleans & Protects and Displaces Moisture
VOC Free and Non-Flammable


Benefits of comprehensive and regular maintenance include:

  • Higher Performance
  • More consistent and reliable machine functionality
  • Less breakdowns and equipment fatigue
  • Improved print quality, less job quality rejections
  • Smoother operation
  • Reduced risk of downtime


Recommended by MAN Roland